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T-shirts are a quintessential wardrobe staple for any man. Tees are likely the most stocked item in your wardrobe, taking you anywhere from the gym to the bar to work to a date night. Given the versatility (or versaitli-tee), there’s always room for more basic T-shirts in any guy’s collection. The hunt for the perfect T-shirt seemingly never ends.

But the best men’s t-shirts don’t exist purely for lounging around the house. Stylish graphic t-shirts can be a great way to show off your personality, and plain tees serve as a workout staple. Basic plain tees are a versatile outfit essential that can go with just about anything. Even if you’re just rocking plain white t-shirts without an accompanying sweater or jacket, there are some simple styling techniques that help to instantly elevate your laid-back look, such as rolling the sleeves or tucking in the front of the shirt (aka the French tuck).

T Shirt for Men – The t shirt is always the talk-of-the-town apparel and, of course, a man’s friendly clothing as well. The history of the t-shirts is quite inquisitive because it was not just casual wear but also authentic semi-casuals. Well, as always, we Indians are innovative in adopting new features and ways to renovate. The t shirts for men have the same perception, and now it has become an inevitable part of the closet.

Velva Sheen’s signature tubular-knit style is cut from a soft cotton (with single-stitch hems) that fits trim and hits high on the bicep, making for a flattering silhouette that looks A-1 on everyone. —Avidan Grossman, Style Commerce Writer

If you prefer even the most basic of your wardrobe basics to be recherché, Warehouse’s tee is for you. It’s knit on rare loopwheel machines that give the fabric an unmatched density and softness, without all the fuss of annoying side seams. —Gerald Ortiz, Style Commerce Writer

Trends may come and go, but if you invest in one of the best T-shirts for men, you’ll find it’s a menswear mainstay that never grows old. Whether worn as an undergarment, paired with a suit for a more casual office look, or features a bold print and makes a statement all on its own, the best tees offer reliable comfort and an easy touch of laid-back cool.

With the streetwear boom over the past decade, the humble T-shirt has also had something of a glow-up, meaning there are plenty of luxurious options for those unafraid to stand out. Consider a playful soccer-inspired tee in hot pink from Demna Gvasalia at Balenciaga or a super-soft Missoni tee in one of the house’s classic zig-zag prints.

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