Star Health Insurance Policy and it’s various plans and benefits.

Whenever we think about covid-19 pandemic first thing that comes to our mind is Health. We all have learnt a lesson already, if our health gets worse so will our financial condition. Hospital bills will drain your bank balance in no time. Is there a way to safeguard ourself from this disaster? of course you can’t avoid bad health condition but you can save your money. One way is having Health Insurance for you and your family. One such Insurance is Star Health Insurance policy. Here we will be talking everything about Star Health Insurance , Star health insurance plan, its benefits, which one is suitable for you and many more.

Star Health Insurance Policy

Star Health insurance company provides various kinds of Health insurance plans. It is a IRDAI certified company so you can have complete faith in it. Since the Star Insurance company is stand-alone health insurer in India, it’s services are completely dedicated towards your health. The plans will protect you individually, your family and old aged people. Because, there are more than 12000+ Hospitals in the network so health care service is really good. Different Star Health Insurance plans are:-

Star women care insurance policy is a policy for a family and especially for women. The Star women care insurance policy have lot of benefits for women .Let us look at the eligibility criteria for this plan:

  • Individual sum insured: The plan is for only individual female aged between 18 years and 75 years.
  • Floater sum insured: This type is for a family consisting of at least one adult female. The age of the family members should be between 18 years and 75 years.
  • This policy also covers for the dependent children aged between 91 days and 25 years who are dependent on a woman.. If the child is girl, she can continue as dependent child up to 25 years/30 years. After 30 years she will be considered as an adult.

2. Star Comprehensive Insurance plan

Star comprehensive insurance plan covers both the individual and an entire Family. Anyone can buy this plan. The Features of Star Comprehensive Insurance Plan are:

  • The person buying the plan should be of age from 18 years to 65 years at the time of buying insurance. There is no maximum age limit for plan renewal.
  • The plan covers for dependent Children whose age is from 3 months to 25 years
  • This plan for a family means for Husband, Wife and maximum 3 children but the plan will not cover exceeding family members( for more than 5 family members) .

3. Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy.

Senior citizen red carpet health insurance plan is for those who have aged parents in their home. It will be the best gift for your parents. The plan covers old people whose age is more than 60 years and less than 75 years. Maximum of ₹ 25 lacs is covered in this plan and no medical test is required before buying the insurance. Because it covers diseases which were acquired before buying the policy, it is really reasonable plan as old aged people are prone to many diseases.

4. Star family Health Optima Insurance Plan.

The Star Family Health Optima Insurance plan is the most popular insurance plan provided by the Star Insurance company. It covers all the medical expenses for a Family. The plan is based on single annual payment that means you don’t have to pay on monthly basis. The Star Family Health Optima Insurance Plan covers your family on floater basis which means single policy will cover all the family members. The features of Star Family Health Optima Insurance plan are:

  • Buying single Star family Health Optima Insurance policy will cover your whole family.
  • Star family Health Optima Insurance Plan is ideal because of less price and more benefits.
  • It provides Health Check-up benefits every no claim year.
  • The plan covers babies older than 16 days.
  • The plan also covers all the medical expenses for organ transplantation.
  • It will give you extra 120 days after your plan expires for renewing your plan.

Why you should choose Star Health Insurance Plans ?

1. Star Health Insurance Company is a stand-alone insurer which means all its work is completely dedicated for the service of your Health related problems.

2. It has wide network of hospitals.

3. It has cashless payment option in all of its network hospitals so that it becomes easy for you to make payments.

After reading this you might have come to know that Star Health Insurance has wide range of plans and most of them are suitable for you and your family. Because it has large network of hospitals your health related services will be easily delivered. So, choose the right plan, which is cheaper and has more benefits so that you can get the best out of your money.


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