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Social media is a platform that made people interact with one another through Sharing Image, video, text, or Music files.and this blog you read about some famous Social media Founders.


YouTube is founded by Steve Chen Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim thry early work in Paypal after that they leave the job and then think idea of YouTube in 2005 after Jawed Karim Chad Hurley and Steve Chen made made  made online video sharing platform that is YouTube. 


In October 2016 YouTube was bought by Google and Google is used for its business purpose after that Google made advertisement through Google AdSense on all creators video and they share the revenue to all YouTube creator after that YouTube is growing fastly.

YouTube headquarters available in 901 Cherry Ave San Bruno California United States YouTube YouTube rewind main products are YouTube premium YouTube for kids YouTube TV and normal YouTube total revenue in 2020 19.8 billion and it have a 2 billion users on YouTube hot waiter YouTube used programming language Sar Python C C + + Java and JavaScript

History of boat Company


Facebook is an American social media platform owned by Mark Zuckerberg with his horror front with horror with his Harvard college friends Edward survey no Andrew mccollum in 2020 YouTube Facebook claimed it have 2.8 billion monthly active user and it ranked seventh in global internet usage it was most downloaded mobile app in 2010

Jukar built a website called a match in 2003 how studying in Harvard University the site was comparable like hot or not after that he given a friend suggestion and he made a Facebook and he made a Facebook application mobile application after that in 2021 they change the name of Facebook company is called meta after that they given and Facebook company about Instagram WhatsApp and some other companies Now made as a parent company of Facebook


WhatsApp was founded by Brian acton and Jan quorum in January 2009 they are a former employees of yahoo why February 2013 WhatsApp add 200 million active users. After that Facebook armita required for 19.3 billion after that WhatsApp was child company of meta

WhatsApp is available in iOS devices for 178 MB in Android devices 38.85mb and WhatsApp provides end to end encrypted messages and video call so you can’t so anyone can’t hack WhatsApp. Recently added WhatsApp some new future like payment and only once you can see image In future WhatsApp will add more feature

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