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Health is a very important factor in our life. Without it, life will be as good as hell. It was just a matter of two years, everyone became self-conscious as covid-19 was hunting human race all across the globe. Only then, people came to know about the value of proper health. We all have witnessed many deaths in this pandemic. Many of the covid patients struggled financially, they ran out of money and were unable to treat themselves properly. Can we be sure that we wont get to see another pandemic? The answer is simply no. Nature is highly unpredictable and so is our health. To save ourselves from such financial crisis we have Health Insurance. Navi Health insurance is one such company which is quite good in the market. Here we will be looking at Navi Health Insurance, various plans of Navi Health Insurance and thier benefits.

Navi Health Insurance policy

Navi Health Insurance is a Insurance which secure and safeguard your financial condition when you /your family is facing any Health related problem. It covers all the medical bills therefore saving you a lot of money and effort. Navi Insurance company has a Mobile app known as Navi app. The Navi app makes buying Health Insurance simple and easy. The app provides you Health Insurance within 90 sec which is really fast. The paper work is absolute so you don’t need to worry about carrying your documents to the insurance office. The Navi insurance company has more than 10,000 hospital network across India. It provides various health insurance policies, let us look at each of them.

Navi Health

Navi Health policy is the basic plan provided by Navi Insurance policy. The coverages provided by the Navi Health plans are:

  1. Hospitalization: The policy covers various kinds of hospitalizations : Mental illness treatment, dental surgery treatment, post hospitalization, pre hospitalization and the expenses for plastic surgery.
  2. The expenses covered are Intensive Care Unit(ICU), Room rent in hospital, expenses of Anesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre, medicine and drugs.
  3. The policy will pay bill of shared room occupancy of an insured person . The company will pay ₹1000 each day for room rent.
  4. The policy pays for emergency road transportation charges for shifting insured person to hospital in road ambulance .
  5. The Niva health policy covers all the expenses for the treatment of insured person in any AYUSH hospital .

Navi Smart Health

Navi Smart Health policy covers for all the charges related to the medical treatment that a insured person goes through. The policy covers wide variety of aspects. let us look at them

  1. Hospitalization:
    • The policy covers hospitalization bill of the insured person if he is getting treatment for Covid-19.
    • It also covers for hospital bills of dental treatment, if needed in case of accident or injury.
    • Niva smart health policy covers for Hospitalization of insured person for plastic surgery.
    • If the insured person is getting treatment for mental illness then Niva smart health policy will cover for such treatments.
    • It also provides support to domiciliary Hospitalization.
  2. The expenses covered by Niva Smart health insurance are Room rent of hospital, nursing, ICU expenses, pre hospitalization expenses for up to 90 days and also post hospitalization bills.
  3. Niva Smart health policy covers the expenses for organ donor and the treatment related to organ transplantation.
  4. The plus point of this policy is that it covers for online doctor consultations.

Navi Health Group critical surgery

Navi Health Group critical surgery plan pays the sum insured to the insured person if he is suffering from critical illnesses mentioned by the company in their terms and conditions. The critical illnesses include:

  • Cancer
  • Heart Related Illnesses.
  • Nervous system related illnesses.
  • Major Organ related illnesses.
  • Disability.
  • Third degree burns, Muscular dystrophy and pneumonectomy.

Navi General Insurances, Corona Rakshak Policy

Navi general insurances corona Rakshak is specially made for corona pandemic and it makes sure that all your covid related expenses will be covered. The corona rakshak policy is strictly only to corona related treatments. The condition by the insurance company is that if the insured person is admitted to the hospital for more than twenty two hours because of covid disease then the Niva insurance company will pay the sum insured to the person. Certain conditions for claiming corona rakshak insurance are:

  1. The covid report should be from government authorized diagnostic center.
  2. The policy will pay hospitalization bill to the insured person if and only if the person is admitted to the hospital for more than 72 hours.
  3. The policy will end once the payment is done to the covid effected person.
  4. Any treatment which is not related to covid is not be covered.
  5. If the person travels to any country which is restricted by Indian Government then policy will be cancelled.

Covid Kavach policy

Corona Kavach policy is similar to Corona Rakshak policy. It is specially made for covid pandemic too. The policy pays the sum insured to the the person if he is admitted to the hospital due to covid diagnosis. Just like Covid Rakshak policy it also needs covid report from government authorised diagnostic centre. It covers all the expenditure spent on treatment of covid as well as expenditure of treatment for other health related problems other than covid disease. The features of this policy are:

  1. The policy covers from ₹50,000 to ₹2,50,000 expenditures.
  2. The policy periods are 105 days, 195 days and 285 days.
  3. The age of the insured person must be between 18 years and 65 years.
  4. It is individual type policy.

The highlighting benefit of Navi Insurance policy is covid special plans which I personally think are very helpful at this difficult time. If you are thinking of buying any Health insurance but you are worried about the benefits then this this post might have surely helped. Considering buying Navi Health Insurance policies and enjoy the numerous benefits.

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