Love failure WhatsApp chat alight motion video editing.

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Hi everyone today we are going to edit a WhatsApp chating love failure video so all alight motion shake effect preset download link in this website so use this preset link edit hd Instagram trending video so keep reading this blog.

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So now create this Instagram trending video first go to play store and download fake whatsApp chat application and install now allow all usa privacy policy that and open that application and first set up home text in top side of left and come below and click chat option and select contact option and set up your name which you want and also profile picture and come back.


Now again go to play store application and type there screen recorded and now select any one screen recorder and install that application to your device and open that and allow all usa privacy and policy now start your screen recorder application and go to fake whatsApp chat application and type the chat in fake chating interface and there you can see to type button one is sending and another one receiving you can make both message personally now enter the message under 10 second because after 10 second efx sound effect will be completea so complete chating under 10 second and now after all chating stop the screen recorder application and go back and close the fake chating application and screen recorder.


Now your next work is in alight motion application so go to play store application and search alight motion and install that video editing and video animation application and open that in your device and now simply click on plus icon and select there 4:5 Instagram resolution and simply click on create project option.

Now you are see new editing tools interface now again see a below plus icon click on that and select image and video option and now select the screen recorder folder because there you see chat recorded video so click on that and add that to your editing timeline and now you able to slide that video using your fingers and also able to zoom in and zoom out that you can easily adjust that video to your screen.


Now again click on plus icon and select music option and select the music which you want to add to this video and now add that Music to your editing timeline and there do not make any changes in that simply your work is correctly adjust the message to message sound  and trim the extra remaining part of that screen recorder video and correct adjust that video under 10 second.

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