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Kichha sudeep boys attitude animated video editing in alight motion .

This is the alight motion software animated online video editing course so this type you want to create more ipl ans pro kabbaddi league videos kindly subscribe or mk studio editing YouTube channel and visit again and to our website.


First you are need video editing preset to make this video you click the below seeing preset option to download preset but there is two types of editing preset you are seeing one is full screen video editing alight motion preeti and 4:5 screen alight motion preset here you download the that preset in which resolution you are selected. after clicking on that preset option you will be directly redirected to your alight motion software and there you will see important option simply tap on that option.


Now you go to your projects option on alight motion application and select the bookmark preset and open that after opening that preset you will see some red color bookmarks in timeline and Middle of that you will see a gun fire effect animation which is I already added there.


First you need to add a video clip which is I provided below of this paragraph but there is two type video clips on is full screen video clip and another one is 4:5 screen video clip you select that resolution video clip which bookmark is you selected and easily download that to you device.


Now you again come to your alight motion and open your current working project and there you click on plus icon and select imag and video option and now you see more option or file names which is available on your mobile device now find the downloads folder and open that after that again there just now downloaded dialogue video.


Now come to 5 second timeline and and click on plus icon and select image and video option and now you see more option or file names which is available on your mobile device now find the downloads folder and select dialogue video clip just click on one image and click plus icon now your image is added to your current working project timeline.


Now select that image and go to next red color bookmark which I already added there and select the image and cut right side extra remaining part of image this type again go to plus icon and and add another image and cut right side part again this type add remaining all image to your timeline


Now is there important work that is effect go back and select shake effect preset by mk studio editing and open that now select thare First png and go to effects option and and click on copy effects option and come back to your working project timeline and select a image which you want to paste the effects and go to effects option and click on three dots which is preset on below of the left side and select paste effects option now you all effects will be pasted into this photo and  now you make this process again and to all remaining images.


Now you video is completely now just click on share option and select the the video resolution which type you are want and just click on export option and after exporting your video save the video to your device. For this type more alight motion shake effect downloads just subscribe our mk studio editing YouTube channel and learn and edit more trending video thanks reading this blog.

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