Kannada raksha bandhan video editing online course preset download.

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hello guys today we are going to provide you a alight motion video course preset so you can easily download online and make video editing and also subscribe our YouTube channel for ipp coming soon [ indian premier League] videos are coming stay tuned.


we not use any editing software to edit videos we gives tutorial in mobile editing.Now just click a link which is given in description and you will redircted to here afte coming here you want to download first bookmark there is two types of bookmark one is full screen resolution bookmark and another one is 4:5 means half screen resolution bookmark. you choice any one alight motion bookmark preset and click on that.


After click cheap web hosting on bookmark preset option your will redircted to you alight motion application and there is new option comes that is import click on that option and I given project will be imports to current use using alight motion application and you can able to any changes in that bookmark preset but I am suggesting to all do not make any change in that preset otherwise your video is not able ready neatly.


Now open that bookmark preset which you have downloaded from our site and now you will see red color bookmark that is made for make your editing easy now your first work is just again go to our website and there you can see video clips option but there is two types video clip is available which download? don’t confused you that video clip which you are download bookmark mean full screen resolution or 4:5 resolution .


Now you again come to your alight motion and open your current working project and there you click on plus icon and select imag and video option and now you see more option or file names which is available on your mobile device now find the downloads folder and open that after that again there just now downloaded dialogue video.


After finding that video just click on that and now you will see a another plus option click on that now your video will be adds to your timeline now can able to make any changes in that video but I recommed you do not make any changes because that is justĀ  6 second video and that is currectly adjust to your timeline.

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