Is jar app is legit, money saving jar app is real Or fake

Sometimes it feels like saving money is much more difficult than earning. A lot of us have a bad habit of spending money everywhere and on everything. Ever wondered how much money we might be wasting on silly and unnecessary things. If you give your mind some work then you will definitely come to know that you spend more money than you think you are spending. Now I will tell you something which is really appealing, It is a micro-saving app known as Jar.

Jar app is simply a money saving app, it helps you to break your bad habit of spending money on unnecessary things. You may ask how? Well in this post we will get to know the insight of the Jar app, How Jar app works, Is Jar app safe and legitimate? how you can use it for your own benefits.

What is Jar app?

As the name says, Jar app is similar to the thing which we used to save our money in our childhood . You guessed it right, piggy bank or ‘Gullak’ in Hindi. Jar app is a digital gold savings app which saves your money by investing in digital gold. Jar is India ‘s first auto investment app that invests your money in digital gold. It makes money saving a fun game. For someone who is not very cosy in the matter of money saving, Jar app will make it look easy and fun too. You feel like you are playing some sort game but in reality you will be saving a lot of spare changes every time you spend money online.

How does the Jar app work?

Jar app collects all the spare money which you will be spending online and invests it into gold. It is a digital piggy bank. Now you may wonder how does it save the spare changes, Well it is quite simple. Whenever you make some online payment or shopping or pay the bills, the Jar app reads your spending from your messages and round it off to the nearest 10, by this way it creates spare changes. Now it will take this spare change from your bank account an invests it in digitla gold.

For example if you have ordered some food from Swiggy or some other app and the total billing is ₹367, you pay the amount through your card. Your mobile receives the message from the bank about the payment, Now the Jar app reads the message from the bank and round it off to nearest 10 , that is nearest 10 of 367 is 370. Now Jar app creates the spare changes of ₹3 (370-367) by this way . Jar app takes the spare change of ₹3 and invests it in digital gold.

Is Jar app legit and safe?

jar app is a platform that saves your money and invest it into digital gold. Jar app is 100% safe and trusted. You may sell or buy the gold anytime and withdraw your savings. You may have a question about its legitimacy, well the Jar app is managed by Digital Gold India Private Limited, it is a company that is monitored and controlled under the law of India. All the transactions in Jar app are carried out by safe and secure banks.

How to use Jar app?

Using Jar app is very simple and easy .You can create your account within 45 seconds. Given below are the steps to use Jar app:

Step 1: Download the official jar app for you smartphone from playstore.

Step 2: Register your mobile number and create your account.

Step 3: Create UPI autopay in your PhonePe, Paytm or GogglePay account.

Step 4: Jar app is now ready to invest your spare money into digital gold.

Step 5: Whenever you want to sell gold and withdraw your money from the Jar app then simply click on the ‘Withdraw Fund‘ option. Jar app will automatically sell all the gold that has accumulated and transfer your savings into your bank account.

Different kinds of savings in Jar app

since we have talked how Jar app saves spare money by rounding it off to the nearest 10 ,we will now know about three kinds of savings in Jar app:

  1. Saving fixed amount of money daily:- Instead of rounding off to nearest 10, Jar app allows you to save fixed amount of money from your account, The minimum amount is ₹1 and the maximum amount you can save daily is ₹500.
  2. Rounding off to nearest 10:- It is a default method in which Jar app, round off your online transaction to nearest 10, creates spare changes and then invest them into Digital gold.
  3. Rounding off to nearest 5:- If you feel like rounding off to nearest 10 is taking out lot of spare changes from your account then you can choose rounding off to nearest 5.For example if your transaction is ₹144 instead of rounding off to nearest 10 i.e. 150 and creating ₹6 spare changes, you can let Jar app round it to nearest 5 i.e. 145 by this way you will be creating ₹1 spare money.

What are the benefits of Jar app?

  • Saving is a little bit boring, Jar app makes it easy and fun.
  • Creating Jar app is very easy and fast. It does not require much documents or papers.
  • Jar app automatically invests your money into digital gold(99.9% pure). You can sell the gold anytime and withdraw your savings.
  • You can paly games in Jar app and if you win you can double your savings instantly.
  • You can manage your money properly.
  • Using Jar app you can make plans for your financial goals.

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