Indipendence day full screen status editing in alight motion


Hi everyone today we are going to edit new alight motion Indipendence day day special video so this videos are now viral in all social media Google server hosting so make video and upload to your social media account so let’s follow our steps.


Now just click a link which is given in description and you will redircted to here afte coming here you want to download first bookmark there is two types of bookmark one is full screen resolution bookmark and another one is 4:5 means half screen resolution bookmark. you choice any one alight motion bookmark preset and click on that.



After click on bookmark preset option your will redircted to you alight motion application and there is new option comes that is import click on that option and I given project will be imports to current use using alight motion application and you can able to any changes in that bookmark preset but I am suggesting to all do not make any change in that preset otherwise your video is not able ready neatly



Now open that bookmark preset which you have downloaded from our site and now you will see red color bookmark that is made for make your editing easy now your first work is just again go to our website and there you can see video clips option but  there is two types video clip is available which download? don’t confused you that video clip which you are download bookmark mean full screen resolution or 4:5 resolution .



After that now you come to your alight motion and select and go to project option and select flying text effect preset and after opening click on copy option and select all layers and copy that now come to your bookmark preset and again tap ok copy option and click paste layers option now your all flying text will be adds to your timeline.



after adding all text animation go to next bookmark which I already maded and again click on plus icon and select image and video option and select download folder and add images which I provided in this site and go to next bookmark and cut right side extra remaining part this type add all image to your editing timeline.


Now is there important work that is effect go back and select shake effect preset by mk studio editing and open that now select thare First png and go to effects option and and click on copy effects option and come back to your working project timeline and select a image which you want to paste the effects and go to effects option and click on three dots which is preset on below of the left side and select paste effects option now you all effects will be pasted into this photo and  now you make this process again and to all remaining images.


Now you video is completely now just click on share option and select the the video resolution which type you are want and just click on export option and after exporting your video save the video to your device. For this type more alight motion shake effect downloads just subscribe our mk studio editing YouTube channel and learn and edit more trending video thanks reading this blog.

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