How to watch recently released new movies in free.

Movies are gives entertainment so you want to watch Mohit so here is some ways to watch free movies means you cannot need to go anywhere travel anywhere for watching movies means you cannot need to go movie theatre you can watch movies from home.

Social media

You know about you to some movies are directly upload in YouTube but this is not a legal way of uploading movies after sometime when YouTube finds this movie in any channel they will give the copyright strike our community guidelines strike and they will remove that video or take down that video from that channel because that is not right of uploading there if movie owner was uploaded this video than it was saved there any other made pyrus and uploaded this video then this movie will be completely removed from that social media platform.

But some movies are uploads in some authorised channel because that are the authorised are taken permission from movie owner because they directly upload the movies in that YouTube channel but they not upload the movies when movie releases the after upload and movie was old means one year one year back release movie 2 year back release movie they can take that and upload in that YouTube channel but you see that all YouTube channels are authorised and well are the ones built channel and YouTube cannot give corporate Strike for community guidelines strike on this channel.

Telegram channel for watching movies.

In recent days when Telegram was launched from then Telegram was using for piracy only but this is not a legal way when the court from police they can met jail punishment and they need to to give penalty payment for content owners.

👆Wait here

Some big big Telegram channels are uploading movies new movies directly their Telegram channel and people searching that channel names are De coming from some links from social media and director downloading that movies and also sharing to their friends family so people are not watching movies directly from any paid social media or movie theatre so Movie Maker sar coming in last from this activity so this is not legal way do not download this type movies and do not upload movies in social media.

Big Telegram channel Hona Sar upload the movies in Telegram because they earn from this they use this kind PDS websites for uploading movies that websites are give him money to uploading movie here some activity means process goes this type when the upload the movies after uploading they will receive applicator link applicator like link that is not applicable link but from using that link people download Star Wars the movies they can receive money from watching this movie for download in this movies so so if Telegram channel owner upload the pirated HD movie ok theatre printed movie.

How to watch movies free.

Not able to watch movies free when they release after sometime they will released in social media then you can walk but you need to watch when they released their time you need to pay in movie theatre or Amazon Prime Netflix would select this type paid OTT platform. Because they want to need profit so you need to pay for them here is some information about how to pay hoti platforms and how to watch movies.


Netflix is also I want it platform it release bigbig web series and famous movies you also know some famous web series that is money Heist money Heist is a best web series till now launcher Din Netflix money Heist web series made them that was full club after the coming Netflix Netflix by the money heist and they launched in their platform then money is gone viral and they made a profit to Netflix because Netflix 800 gives quality content quality movies and quality web series.

And another one is scared game scooter game is also a flop movie are it rejected by all water platforms from 10 year then Netflix made investment of 20 billion dollar in scared game web series for making this then squid game director made this movie completely and run Netflix hosted this web series in Netflix platform then all audience interested this movie and it was made a big wiz 111 million views

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is also best online OTP platform Amazon owner is Jeff bezos you all know about Amazon online shopping and cloud marketing Amazon is more viral company and more big company that’s why they started online hoti platform and they also host of best movies in there platform and they are also the best profit through this.


Everyone knows hotstar because hotstar live cricket Kabaddi and all type Matches and they also publishes here movies but here you need to buy subscription for monthly or yearly then you are able to see matches are any movies web series but when the live match is started at the live then they gives 5 minutes or 1 minutes to free watch after that they will of the live match and they then you need to buy a subscription to watch The continue matches or web series.

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