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How to save video in Instagram

Instagram is a famous social media online video sharing platform here you can share 15 second videos for igtv used long videos ok here but instead I am not give the direct video download option to your device so you can only save your videos on Instagram app only you can use the save button and you save any video are real or Instagram post in the right side of the bill of rights side you have a save button is just click on save button and that we will be saved in Instagram. 


Downloading Video sites are legal?

Some people thinking about Instagram our Facebook or Twitter or YouTube video downloader this is a not a legal content or not a legal website you can use this website but this is not legal and Instagram and Facebook are not not consider this is a legal way to download or save this video to your device but you can use this video but you but you can use Facebook Instagram our YouTube legal options after download YouTube for save button of Instagram but we can suggest you some websites to save your videos on your device. 

What we do for save videos.

Before that downloader we suggest you some legal ways to save videos on social media platforms in YouTube you can use a download button and download that which  wanted on YouTube application in Instagram you can use the save button which is available in right side of the below of that post are you can click on rails option and click three dots and you can see the save button click on save button after that you click on your profile button at the top right side you can click on three right War 3 bar and after that you Siya Se adoption click on that you can get all the tudors features saved. 

Best apple laptop

You can save this videos true this legal ways are you directive and to download the videos to your device you can use some applications that are available in Play Store order you can use some websites that is ranking on top of the Google you just click on Instagram video downloader are Instagram real sterner or you can search Facebook Video Downloader you just get some ranking website then you go to that website and paste link and download video which wanted we suggest a website that is but this is a not legal way to download that videos that are copyrighted from some real content creator so you can’t make this and this is not a legal. 

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