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How to editi Text png in pixellab application.

Pixel lab text editing


Hi every one Today blog How to create or make He Dialogue text png on pixellab application so please Read completely our blog and and learn editing.


So editing Hd text Go to Play store and search Pixellab you will see blue color pixellab application now install to your device. and open that And and give storage permission to that application. For Video editing tutorial subscribe our mkstudioediting youTube channel.


Now you go to chrome browser and Type then enter the kannada text in left side of the box and Click on Unicode to Ascii code option now your all kannada Font are converted in Ascii code so now select that all code and copy that code now close that Web site and browser.

Now open your Pixellab application and Click plus icon and select text option now new window opened and paste you ascii code there and select that code and go font option and and select my fonts section and select your kannada font or you not have kannada font download fonts from our mkstudioediting site and import that fonts to your pixellab application.


after adding fonts select now your kannada fonts or you don’t know how to import fonts to your pixellab application watch this video for information and Come back to your Work space and Select that written text and below third Font editing option and go to size option and select your required size. and come back and go to font editing option and select shadow option if you required and enable that option or you don’t required disabled that option


Now is important step we are going to make that is Color grading or color adjustment and select that text again and go to text editing row and click on that and select color option and now open new window there you will see two option one is color ans another one is gradient now you click on gradient option .

gradient color adjustment.

now you see another new color adjustment window and there is many option now you will see that picture and I will explain the horizontal line is color level meter it show which color spreading in how many length area and there are both side triangle type option that is for color level adjustment purpose so using that option you can able to adjust color.


And now below you are seeing plus icon using that icon you able to add another color in that gradient and minus option is given to remove that color . for remove any color in that gradient just select the color and click on minus icon color will be removed.

Now another option is important there that is last option color filling icon that use for color selection process to you want any custom color just select that color option and click on color icon below and select color which you want.


Now select that in horizontal option color option and click on color icon now you turn to your pointer on yellow color and adjust dark and come back and again select another color option and move that color pointer into into orange and select dark type orange color and now color adjustment is complete now come back to your working area.


Now copy that text to copy text click on plus icon and select copy option and now double tap on first text code and cut right side code and double tap on another text code and cut left side code and now adjust that separated fonts correctly and adjust how you want.


Now you add emoji using import option click on import option and select your file whre you saved your emoji or you don’t have emoji download from this mkstudioediting site and select emoji and click right option and adjust that’s size on working space and now you click on save option and save png to your device.

For this type more editing tutorial of alight motion , kinemaster and pixellab follow our blog or subscribe our mk studio editing YouTube channel for video editing and also thanks for reading our editing blog.

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