How to edit Boys attitude video in alight motion

Punit rajkumaar


So hello everyone welcome to another New and super editing tutorial blog so today we are going to create Puneet rajkumaar Kannada attitude video editing in alight motion so keep reading our blog and also support us Instagram and YouTube.


To create this video Just go to your any browser and type And enter to our website and after coming here You download first Bookmark and dialogue Preset or Xml file From this site and Go to you updated version alight motion and import this preset.

Now click on projects option and And open Bookmark and dialogue by mkstudioediting and there you will see premaded bookmark and preadded dialogue photos with animation so there is no need to add any png and effect.


Now come starting of the video and click on plus icon and select a video of smoke and particle effect which is given in this site so again click on plus icon and add that video and now tap left side of that layer and drag that video to all layer below. and go to opacity and visibility option and do smaller opacity low and come back.


Now again go to your image and video option and select lion roaring png and click on plus icon and add that layer or png to your timeline and extend that layer to 13:02 second and also cut the particle layer there. and now again click on plus icon and select image and video option and select images of punit rajkumaar.


Now add Punit rajkumaar Image to your timeline And go to next bookmark and extend that images layer of punit rajkumaar and now again go to your gallery or file and select another image of punit sir and add to your timeline and go to next bookmark and extend that layer For remaining all layer loop this process.

Now download the shake effect preset from our website and go to your alight motion and projects option and select Shake effect preset and open now that and select first image and go to effects option and select three dots which is preset bottom side and copy effects and go to your project and paste that effects


and Now your complete video is ready now click on share option which is present on right of the top and now select you required Video resolution and video framerate and Click in export option after exporting video save to your device for more this type kinemaster , capcut and alight motion video editing subscribe our mkstudioediting channel.

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