How to edit a Cenimatic birthday video in alight motion


hi everyone Welcome to another new blog to we making something Gay’s so stay reading our blog and follow complete step and then you also Crete a cinematic birthday video so let’s start the blog.


hi Gay’s to iam back with a new trending and new concept Alight motion birthday editing for editing this Video first download the alight motion updated version From our telegram channel mkstudioediting. and open our Site and download the birthday video editing preset and import to alight motion.


Let’s start the editing now open the alight motion and go to project option and select you imported preset from our site and open that there is already made books for make easy your editing.

so let’s add now a background image And extend upto first Bookmark and come to start and count 10 second and go forward and add a shape and again add select tha shape and go to effects option and select Terbulence effects and again add a threshold .


After Adding Effects You need important step Side Tap on layers leave the background image select Two layers and click in mask option on top and that to layers converted now a mask group .

After doing mask layer do select that group again and go to effects option and select matte/mask key option and add a black screen effect now that mask group setting easy completely ready.


If you want to add the text follow our steps now click on plus icon and select text option and enter your text what you want. And com back and extend that layer to first bookmark and And again add a date of your birthday and extend that layer also to end and tap and select that both layer and click on group option top of the right side.


Now select That text group layer and click move and transform option and click on size option and add a keyframe at layer starting and zoom that text means make size larger and go 11 second forward and make size normal and come your size animation is complete now click on angel option and add keyframe at layer starting and turn the layer in 19° and go forward 11 second and add a keyframe and turn text layer into 0° .


Now click on plus icon and add a light png and go to effects option go to color and light option and add a hot color option and come back and select blending and opacity and add fade in fade out effect. and come back and select that layer again and go to move and transform option and add keyframe at starting and go to end and add keyframe and move your png to right side.


And now your golden text spread animation is complete now same continue this process to remaining right side text and after 11:12 second you will see the photo adding section just click on plus icon and add that photo which you want and adjust that photo neatly to bookmark. And cut right side remaining part loop this process to remaining photo.


Now After adding all photos Again you need to add a golden text spread animation and make same process which I explained in first , second and third step.

and Now your complete video is ready now click on share option which is present on right of the top and now select you required Video resolution and video framerate and Click in export option after exporting video save to your device for more this type kinemaster , capcut and alight motion video editing subscribe our mkstudioediting channel.

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