How to Earn earn Money from Digistore 24 in USA

Hello guys those are interested in Affliate marketing they already know this website name Digistore 24 Using This site you can able to make lot of throw selling your own products or selling anothers products.

How to register in Digistore 24

You wants to sign up and start your work in Digistore then go to Any browser and search then you will enters their official site you click on sign up buton the you get three option.

  • Vendor and affiliate
  • Affliate
  • vendor

If you wants to sell your own products through Digistore then select Vendor option, if wants to sell anothers product then select affliate option Or you you want to sell your own product and sell anothers product the you select vendor and affliate option.

👆wait here

After choosing your suitable option Enter your users then enter same email two time then enter password, timezone, Title, name, company, adress. these all are required mainly required for register in Digistore 24.

How to choice best products in Digistore.

Choosing best products is main work because after choosing the product you works on that means you promote that on social media etc and some people runs ads on that products so they spent their money and time so for better results you need to choice better products in Digistore 24 and promote well.

How promote Digistore products.


Telegram can gives you many earning opportunity you need to use that neatly here is another way to make money. If you build a huge size audience in telegram channel Or group then you add any contact details in your channel description because some business competition, startup, application developers and Astrologiessts are finds this type telegram channel for promote their products so they can contact you then you can set up the budget and promote their products and earn money. so here you make or build a huge audience and take your Affliate link and post here.

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Instagram is a best media platform for short video and instead of Facebook more people using Instagram so here is simple trick for you. get some picturer of your products and edit a 30 second video and add products details description and also write limited day offer because it attract people and chance to buy so you can use Instagram in this type. shorts

Youtube shorts best for selling your products because currently youtube charities going in boom and youtube shorts launched all over world then youtuber announcrd they can pay the amount for youtube charts which goes viral and they invested in youtube shorts 100 million dollars so you don’t need to work hard you just copy the video which already approved it in instruments i already explained in before paragraph.

you just take that video and again upload that in youtube short and again you add the description and your product application candy just workers your friend after video going viral u get money from youtube also and you get money from your product application so so youtube charter the best way for selling your product

4.Google ads

Google ads uses for promoter product video on your business so here you can use district again and you can promote your Affliate product but here you need to spend some money for some specific date but you get extra earning from district cary onida hearing some campaigns on your product after google reaches your product volvo world and the people by that product ye really get money from a also.

5.facebook ads

Facebook and she’s also best advertisement here facebook run sure campaign chintu get for you just run you had some facebook that will surely in facebook and instagram both platform here riverton cheese is category and specific place new specification where you want to run your campaign so yeah we can select age group which age people need to watch your ad show you can get more sales from here also has a les google adsense have this situation use anyone that form to get more sales

These are some tricks and this is some information about the digistore 24 create your account and use social media like telegram instagram this book youtube short to promote your product otherwise i will not get success in this you can run at contains on facebook and google in google once your and that’s an google that as watch shown in google youtube google call services that i didn’t should you can use google ads a facebook and get more profit.

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