How to download alight motion preset

If You want to edit like a pro in alight motion and you don’t know how to edit you just search Mk studio editing YouTube channel and watch their video’s and that channel you will get effect preset that can help you to edit videos easily.

Now you need You First visit YouTube and search alight motion video editing you will get lot of a videos just see some videos and select any one video now I take for example mk studio editing channel.

Step 1

Now go to Mk studio editing channel and Watch any video if you want make like that just go to description and there you will seee Shake effect and bookmark preset link just you need to click on that link or you can search in google Or google chrome etc.

Step 2

Now you reach that mk studio editing official website there written post will you see then you want read that post you can read otherwise you just scrolling down there will see some button and on that button you will see shake effect preset or bookmark preset written just click on that you will redirect to alight motion application.

How to edit in alight motion

step 3

After redirect in alight motion you will see a pop up in alight motion home page in that you see import or cancel options you want import effect preset just click on import otherwise you not interested then click on cancel.

where goes Imported project?

If you import the project and you want to use that then you just open alight motion and in below row right of plus icon you will see a project icon just click on that then you will see your all project and you also see before imported shake effect preset also.

How to use that preset.?

Now you want edit with preset first click on Plus icon which is available in middle of below and now you will see video resolution and frame rate setting now select the resolution if you want custom resolution click on custom and set the resolution and then select frame rate it support till 60 fps and then select background color and now click on below seeing creat project option.

Now you click plus icon and you just click on media option and you will see some photos or video clips which recently downloaded if you want to see all video files or image which is available in your device just click on views all option and now you see all images and video clip now select which video/ photo you want.

Then you you want copy effect and paste here you just close that project and open you imported project and and there you will see a image click on that image and and Click on a bed and there you will see a left side corner three dot click on that and copy effect option click on that your efforts will be copied then you go to your before doing project and there you will select an image which you want to paste the effects after selecting the image you will click on effects options after clicking effects option we will see three dots on left side corner click on that and you will see a paste effects of cell click on that option and overall effect will be pasted to that image export the video and save or share to social media

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