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Python is associate degree understood high-level general programming language. Its style philosophy emphasizes code readability with its use of serious indentation. Its language constructs additionally as its object-oriented approach aim to assist programmers write clear, logical code for little and large-scale projects.

To Installation Python on Windows visit the link https download.

To download the latest release of python in this process we will install Python 3.6.6 on our Windows operating system when we click on the above link it will bring us the following page.


Step 1

select the Python version to download

Step 2
click on the install now double-click the executive will file which is downloaded the following Windows will open select customise installation and proceed click on their parts checkbox it is set the Python path automatically

Step 3
we can click on the customise installation to choose desired location and features other important thing is install launcher for all user must be checked.

Step 4
not try to run Python on the command prompt that the command Python version in case of Banyan Tree Where are ready to work with Python explore different ways to run Python program .

Step 5
open the Python interactive shell and click file then choose new it will open a new blank script in which we can write or write the code and press Control + p s to save the file after saving the food we can run it by clicking an orange mobile module will display the output to the shell the output will be shown as follows apart from that we can also run the file using the operating system terminal but we should be aware of the part of the directory where we have saved .

Why python is popular
First, the reason Python is very popular is that it is very productive compared to other programming languages such as C ++ and Java. … Python is also very famous for its simple programming syntax, code readability, and English-like commands that make coding in Python much easier and more efficient.

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