How Developers earn money from play store

Playstore is one of the most common visited place by everyone using internet. It is used to download all kinds of applications. Playstore is just like Amazon, it is the platform where you can download any app which we require. You all know how how to download apps but do you know how developers earn a lot of money using playstore. It is owned by Google so you might know there is nothing that google does for free There is not only one method to earn money through playstore. Earning money from Playstore is’nt that difficult Here in this post we will learn how to earn from playstore.

How did Playstore started

Google playstore was earlier named as Android Market. It was developed and is now managed by Google. Playstore was launched on 22, October 2008(as Android Market) and later in the year 2012 it was officially named as Google Playstore. It is a digital distribution platform which brings all kinds of applications for mobile in one platform. Just like how Apple devices have App store, Android smartphones have Playstore. It not only has gaming and other applications but also has sea of Books, movies and Television shows. Playstore now can be seen installed in almost all Smartphones. Google Playstore is formed by integrating three things: Android Market, Google books and Google Music. Google has made it easy for users to surf through thousands of app with the help of User-friendly GUI. Users can search for particular app by selecting the genre first or can search directly in the search bar.

How Playstore is different from App store

Anyone can tell the basic difference between Playstore and App store. App store is for iOS devices and Playstore is for android phones. When we look at them in detail we come to see a lot of differences between App Store and Playstore. In simple words Playstore is more flexible and has less restrictions on types of apps developers make while Appstore has strict guidelines on what kind of app developers should make. Another major difference between App store and Playstore is Google Playstore has more user friendly interface than App store. Playstore has nearly 3.5 million apps for its users. App store has 3.7 million apps for iOS users.

What is Google Play service ?

Google play service

Google Play services is the most important thing for all android users. It provides security and privacy to the users. Whenever you want to connect your mobile to another nearby mobile then Google play services has a special security feature which allows you to establish the connection safely. Google play protect, which is another feature of Google play services warns the user if any app contain malware or other harmful viruses. It also saves and manages your all passwords. Google play service protects apps from threats through SafetyNet. If you lose your mobile phone then find my device makes it easy to locate your device. Google Play service’s autofill makes it easier for users and they won’t have to remember the passwords.

What is Google play subscription ?

Google play subscription

Google play subscription is just like Netflix subscription. There you get access to all movies and shows and here in google play subscription you get ad-free unlocked apps and games. After every plan period, you will be charged with subscription amount depending upon which plan you choose. To buy Google play subscription you need to get into google playstore. choose the app which provides premium content for some price and then click on subscribe. Choose the payment method you want to then proceed to final step.

What is app monetization in Playstore?

App monetization

Play store has huge potential to make you a lot of money.Like we have said before that you can earn from playstore, You do not know how you can earn money from playstore. It is just like Youtube channel. Developers develop the app then put it in Playstore, Google monetize their app, Ads will run in their app. By that way you can earn money from Play store. Once your app gets monitized you will get money within 30 days. Google follows 70:30 share. 70%of the revenue will be given to app owners and it will keep the rest 30%. There are other details which you should know so that you can earn money from playstore. We will provide you more details in the second part of this post

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