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Home interior design cost

Bid farewell to the days of white-washed rooms and random cabinets, with interior decoration and design roaring into vogue. Everyone wants the house to resemble the pictures of rooms in the magazines. If you are stressing out over the costs, then quit worrying right now and do some math instead. Interior designers only concern themselves with the design of the house.

But some designers help in choosing the furniture for you and supervising the decor as well. If you are seeking to sit back and relax, then get in touch with the designer who takes care of everything. Supervise the procurement of the decor and furniture, monitoring the carpentry work for the different rooms, installation of wardrobes to providing for the flooring, false ceiling, painting, et al. It is recommended that you go for the services of that interior designer who looks into every aspect of design and decoration of your house. The charges will automatically vary, of course, and here’s how.

The living room is the abode of unwinding and relaxation. It is the largest room that consumes the greatest portion of your budget.The living room charges depend on the area and furniture, which include a sofa, tables, carpets, lamps, drapery, mirror, accent pieces of decor, and more.

The cost of Interior Design depends on a lot of factors, such as the design of the Furniture, quality of materials, quality of wall paint and wood polish, quality of fabric you use for sofas and curtains, light fixtures and many other things.

wall paint and wood polish, quality of fabric you use for sofas and curtains, light fixtures and many other things.

So, it is not easy to determine the cost of Interior Design without having the specifications and requirements on hand.

However, there are certain thumb rules you can apply to decide on the Interior Design cost of your 2Bhk flat.

We’ve completed a number of 2Bhk flat interiors by now from lower to moderate to high-end budgets. So we have pretty good idea of cost for designing & executing a 2Bhk flat.

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