Gruha Lakshmi online application Karnataka- Gruha Lakshmi scheme eligibility criteria

The Gruha Lakshmi Scheme is a significant initiative introduced by the Karnataka Government to empower women and promote gender equality. The scheme provides financial support to the women who head their households, aiming to uplift housewives, landless women, and agricultural women workers.

By offering monthly financial assistance through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT), the sGruha Lakshmi Scheme seeks to enhance the livelihoods of women in the state. With the potential to impact the lives of over 1.20 crore women, the Gruha Lakshmi Scheme is a progressive step towards empowering women and fostering social and economic development.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Gruha Lakshmi Scheme, women must meet specific criteria set by the Karnataka Government:

1. Family Categorization

The scheme benefits women belonging to Antyodaya, Below Poverty Line (BPL), or Above Poverty Line (APL) families.

2. Head of Family

Women identified as the head of the family in the Antyodaya, BPL, and APL ration cards issued by the government are eligible beneficiaries. This provision ensures that women who shoulder the responsibilities of their households receive the support they need.

3. One Woman per Family

To maximize the scheme’s impact, only one woman per family will receive the benefits. This approach ensures that a larger number of families can benefit from the financial assistance.

4. Exclusion of Government Employees

The scheme targets non-government employees, excluding those already receiving regular income from the government. This allows the focus to be on women who may face financial challenges within their families.

5. Exclusion of Taxpayers

Women whose husbands pay income tax or file GST returns are excluded from the scheme. This decision ensures that the benefits reach those who may need it the most.

How to Apply for Gruha Lakshmi Scheme

The application process for the Gruha Lakshmi Scheme is straightforward, offering both online and offline options:

Online Application Process

Gruha Lakshmi scheme appliaction
Gruha Lakshmi scheme sevasindhu appliaction
  1. Visit the Seva Sindhu Guarantee Schemes Portal, the designated platform for online applications.
  2. Click on the ‘Gruha Lakshmi Yojana’ option, where you will find all the necessary details and instructions.
  3. Click on ‘Click here to apply’ to start the application process.
  4. Fill in the required information and upload the necessary documents. The portal may ask for documents such as the ration card, Aadhaar card, bank account details, and other supporting documents.
  5. After completing the application, click the submit button, and a unique application form number will be generated for future reference.

Offline Application Process

  1. Visit the designated centers, which include Grama One, Bangalore One, Karnataka One offices, Bapuji Seva Kendras, and Nada Kacheris. These centers are conveniently located in various regions for easy access.
  2. Obtain the Gruha Lakshmi Scheme application form from the center.
  3. Fill out the form with the required details, ensuring all the information is accurate and up-to-date.
  4. Attach the necessary documents, which may include the ration card, Aadhaar card, bank account details, and other supporting documents.
  5. Submit the filled form and the supporting documents to the respective center or the Assistant Director of Women and Child Development office in the district.

Gruha Lakshmi Scheme – Financial Benefits

The Gruha Lakshmi Scheme offers substantial financial assistance to eligible women, providing them with much-needed support:

Gruha Lakshmi scheme karnataka
Gruha Lakshmi

1. Monthly Financial Assistance

Starting from August 17, 2023, eligible women will receive a monthly financial assistance of Rs. 2,000. This recurring financial aid is designed to alleviate financial burdens and empower women to improve their quality of life.

Empowering Women and Promoting Gender Equality

The Gruha Lakshmi Scheme is not merely about financial aid; it holds several significant benefits for women in Karnataka, fostering empowerment and gender equality:

1. Financial Support and Livelihood Enhancement

The monthly financial assistance of Rs. 2,000 empowers women to enhance their livelihoods and uplift their standard of living. With the burden of financial stress reduced, women can focus on pursuing better opportunities and securing their future.

2. Recognition of Women’s Contributions

The Gruha Lakshmi Scheme acknowledges and rewards the invaluable contributions of housewives to their families and society. By supporting women who head their households, the scheme empowers them and fosters a sense of recognition for their dedication and hard work.

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3. Poverty Alleviation

The financial support provided by the scheme aims to eliminate poverty from the lives of women in Karnataka. By providing financial stability, women can actively contribute to their families’ well-being and break the cycle of poverty.

4. Empowerment and Self-Reliance

Empowering women through financial assistance enables them to take care of their families effectively. This empowerment leads to self-reliance and instills a sense of confidence, allowing women to make informed decisions for themselves and their families.


The Gruha Lakshmi Scheme launched by the Karnataka Government is a commendable endeavor towards empowering women and promoting gender equality. By providing financial assistance to over 1.20 crore women, the scheme has the potential to create a significant impact on society and the lives of countless families. The application process, set to begin on July 19, is an opportunity for eligible women to apply

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