Google adwords advertising Benefits

Facebook Ads is an advertising platform used for paid social campaigns on Facebook while Google Ads do search and display ads. Although they both use pay-per-click ads (PPC), they do so on different channels and often target users at different stages in the buyer’s journey.

What do you want to achieve with your campaign? Is it product awareness, earning, sales, or something else? Knowing this answer can lead you in the right direction.

Google Ads are ready to capture the demand – which means to reach the users with the highest purchase intentions. For example, if I look at the keyword “water bottle,” this might indicate interest in buying it.

With that in mind, the ads below are well-matched for search purposes and may lead to sales.

Facebook ads are a good example of what is known as “paid community,” or the practice of advertising on social media. With the highest number of monthly active users (or MAUs) of any social network in the world, Facebook has become a highly competitive and potentially highly profitable multidisciplinary digital business marketing strategy.

Although advertising on Facebook can be thought of as similar to AdWords, in that advertisers who use both forums promote their online business, this is the only parallel. Unlike paid search, which helps businesses find new customers by keywords, the paid community helps users find businesses based on their interests and behaviors online.

Paid search focuses on keyword indexes and the use of text-based ads. Advertisers who use AdWords bid for keywords – certain words and phrases included in Google search queries – in the hope that their ads will be displayed next to the search results for these queries. Every time a user clicks on an ad, the advertiser is charged a certain amount of money, hence the term “pay per click per ad.

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