Generation of OTT platforms – Netflix, amazon prime, hotstar.

Movies gives happy and entertainment to everyone and people likes most this . when movies started means when invented that time movies record through reels and that no uses colors that time black and white color only uses in that era but now ott platforms borned and we losing the movie theaters

what is ott means?

Ott stands for Over the top means it provides online streaming service of movies, web series and sports you can see some example Netflix, hotstar.

Everyone see in the cinemas movies in online platform like Netflix Amazon Prime , hotstar so no peoples are going to Cinema theatres there is some reason they are not going to Cinema theatres but now cinema theatres are we losing because of code 19.

Reason of this problem

Everyone loves movies but everyone also knows when covid-19 entered in 2019 then he now has logged on their country after that has entered to all countries then all country needed to lock down their country and control the covid-19 then movie theatres also closed and movies are are also closed then the auditor platform owners are think we launch the movies in our platforms and people see movies online then theatres are all closed then Netflix hotstar Amazon Prime is started to growing slowly.

That time is best reason of growing gotety platform but when that time all lockdown then people also not have worked and they are also needed that time pass that people also by new mobile more children’s are so by new mobile and they made recharge for Netflix Amazon prime and hotstar and they started to watching movies in online then OTP platform started growing and Netflix hotstar and Amazon primer started to earn more and their business and so made big.

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Netflix top movies

Netflix is also I want it platform it release bigbig web series and famous movies you also know some famous web series that is money Heist money Heist is a best web series till now launcher Din Netflix money Heist web series made them that was full club after the coming Netflix Netflix by the money heist and they launched in their platform then money is gone viral and they made a profit to Netflix because Netflix 800 gives quality content quality movies and quality web series.

And another one is scared game scooter game is also a flop movie are it rejected by all water platforms from 10 year then Netflix made investment of 20 billion dollar in scared game web series for making this then squid game director made this movie completely and run Netflix hosted this web series in Netflix platform then all audience interested this movie and it was made a big wiz 111 million views

Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime is also best online OTP platform Amazon owner is Jeff bezos you all know about Amazon online shopping and cloud marketing Amazon is more viral company and more big company that’s why they started online hoti platform and they also host of best movies in there platform and they are also the best profit through this.

Amazon Prime cost all language movies not only English they are the choose your language English Hindi Kannada Telugu Tamil all language movies are posted here and they buy from director directly and they host in their platform out there who want to watch this movie as they want to buy a subscription for monthly or yearly then they are able to watch this movies here.


Everyone knows hotstar because hotstar live cricket Kabaddi and all type Matches and they also publishes here movies but here you need to buy subscription for monthly or yearly then you are able to see matches are any movies web series but when the live match is started at the live then they gives 5 minutes or 1 minutes to free watch after that they will of the live match and they then you need to buy a subscription to watch The continue matches or web series.

this all facilities are attracted the customer then all peoples are going to positive blood worms then movie trailer started to closing

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