Friendship day 2021 Status download.

Friendship day 2021

Hi Every friends and advance happy friendship day of 2021 to we are providing you friendship day 2021 iamge, quotes and friendship day 2021 status video alight motion preset So keep follow our step to download friendship day status or edit friendship day status.


In this blog we also giving you friendship special dialogue audio clips so keep reading the blog and use all friendship day 2021 special alight motion preset and Happy friendship to everyone stay happy.


So let’s come our website and read blog carefully and in the middle of the blog page you will see button with preset link like bookmark preset and shake effect preset etc this type just hit that button and now you will automatically download your preset and that preset is directly goes to your alight motion application.

After importing the bookmark effect preset open alight motion and go to projects option and click on that project which you imported and open that there you can see the song and premaded bookmark to that song now you work is so simple.



Now You will see editing interface and instructions now click on plus icon and go to image amd video option and select download files option and there you can able to add images from there but you need to add firts text go arvind vk. in Website and enter you kannada text and select ascii code convert option and copy that code.

Now come to your alight motion and click ok plus icon and select text option and paste this ascii code there and go fonts option and select kannada font who had not downloaded kannada please check out this video and also subscribe our Mk studio editing channel.


Now click on plus icon and go to image and video and select and download file and add army image and go to timeline and select that image and extend that to next bookmark and again loop this process of adding image to timeline and now add all the image neatly to your bookmark.

Now is there important work that is effect go back and select shake effect preset by mk studio editing and open that now select thare First png and go to effects option and and click on copy effects option and come back to your working project timeline and select a image which you want to paste the effects and go to effects option and click on three dots which is preset on below of the left side and select paste effects option now you all effects will be pasted into this photo and now you make this process again and to all remaining images.


Now your complete video is ready now click on share option which is present on right of the top and now select you required Video resolution and video framerate and Click in export option after exporting video save to your device

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