Farmers special online video editing preset download.

aditi prabhudev

Hi everyone today we are going to edit new alight motion vfx video of formers daughter aditi Parbhudev so this videos are now viral in all social media so make video and upload to your social media account so let’s follow our steps.

you can able to download any alight preset online from any time just visit our mk studio editing website or YouTube channel and download the presets which you are want and edit your videos in alight motion easily.

Let’s start. To create this video First you need to some video clips so download that from our mk studio editing website below you can see the videos button tap first and download that clips. and you are also needed some Png items for example these all material download link is given below check out once and also join our telegram channel.

So let’s come our website and read blog carefully and in the middle of the blog page you will see button with preset link like bookmark preset and shake effect preset etc this type just hit that button and now you will automatically download your preset and that preset is directly goes to your alight motion application

After importing the bookmark effect preset open alight motion and go to projects option and click on that project which you imported and open that there you can see the song and premaded bookmark to that song now you work is so simple.

Now click on plus icon and go to image and video and select and download file and add army image and go to timeline and select that image and extend that to next bookmark and again loop this process of adding image to timeline and now add all the image neatly to your bookmark.

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