Dhanveer gowda dialogue alight motion editing preset download website


Hello everyone today we are going to edit a new Young and energetic actor dhanveer gowda birthday special attitude video in alight motion software for edit this kindly read all blog which I explained in this website.


For create this video first you go to chrome browser   and type there www.mkstudioediting.com and there you will see our official website and  scroll down and slick this video  thumbnail and there open new webpage there you can see bookmark xml and bookmark preset. And Now you required Bookmark preset first download that and import to your alight motion.


After importing the bookmark effect preset open alight motion and go to projects option and click on that project which you imported and open that there you can see the song and premaded bookmark to that song now you work is so simple.


first work is click on plus icon and go to image and video option and go to download option and select the background overlay video which I given in this site and add to your timeline and go to 7:29 second and select that overlay layer and cut right side extra remaining part of video.And after that bookmark you will see a gun fire effect which I already added 9j bookmark do make any changes in that and directly go to next bookmark.


After that gun bookmark now you are need to add image of duniya vijay so let’s click on plus icon and select image and video option and go downloads option and select a duniya vijay image and add to your timeline and go to next bookmark and cut right side extra remaining part of image and again go to image and video and downloads and add another image and cut once again to next bookmark this type loop this process until project end.


.Now go to shake effect preset and And select first png and go to effects option and click on copy effects option now go to your current working project and select first png for paste effects go to effects option and click on paste option. You will want to make this process again and again to remaining all images and completely create video correctly. After adding all the images in your alight motion project Go again to our mkstudioediting Website and Download shake effect preset or xml file from our site and import that project file to your alight motion and open that file

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