database management Purpose, use, role

Database means collecting the required data of any person or any incident extra means for example you are college collects your data and make them a separate path for saving there because student record is sales and their part and their students with source and other part and teachers payment is stores in another part of this is a database management structure.

In database management There comes a DBA he is a administrator of database management he can make any changes Hari can give access to database for anyone and he can make any installation or removing the tools or adding the tolls in this database and need to install any tool in this Database Management it is example of any application or any web application that he can add any tools are you can remove any told when it required then he can recover or backup the database when the data is losing or going down and he can make tuning anytime lies the performance of database and improve its performance.


DBA means Database Management administration can make any changes in the database and monitor that database and control the user to access this and give the best performance and he realised that all database from his own authorisation.

In the programming we can see different type of data type the data types that that is the shows a type of data in there there are comes many constraints they are explained in next paragraph here you we can discuss about data types data types is types of data here you can see a string data type and numerical data type and date and time datatype string data type is a that here you can see Text type data can save insert a remote Text type data and numerical data type here you can see in numerical you can add plot number are double means here you can see this all languages in SQL programming and date and time data type you can save time and date date and time here comes different part.

In storing that database you can see one tier architecture to store the data or you can see multi tier architecture which is about 1 tier architecture 1 tier architecture is a process here you can make any changes of a web application or any application that all data is stored in only one server means that stores in one place but it constant the multi tier architecture in the multi tier architecture if any web application or application this presentation layer and data layer and security layer or business layer is stored in different different service because of database management here you can store for different servers of different types business layer is different server and presentation layer is it different data layer is different server this type you can make changes in service this is in only multi tier architecture.

In this database management system constraint is a very good part this maids are puts restriction on data types which we are going to insert edit or remove or update when we going to for example not null null and some text Excel options is comes in SQL programming language.

For current all applications are any web application SQL programming language is used for make database management system there there is is another programming language in market but SQL is a currently best to make database manage.

Here you can see some applications of database database is applied in all sectors for example you can take a railway railway booking the railway bookings are made through online or locally and online makes a local is there is same but here we can take a example when it makes through the online that online bookings are stored in a different server for confirming this is applied from our this is resistor from online there they can store in different different type name of the person and ID number of the person and mobile number of the person and how how many seats are booked and how many Rupees he paid this time they are all can store in a different device and who can physically book The the railway ticket from railway station that are stored in a different server because of they can confirm how can they traveled from the railway they are made online payment aur Maida physical payment Dekhen see from this database.

This time database management system is applied in all sector Hospital schools colleges in school college used to the students record and payment as teachers Payment Record and any result record in hospital patient record also stored in the database so this is the applications of database management system.

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