Buy Apple products using Tortoise app, Benefits of Tortoise app, How to join membership.

Ever dreamed of buying something expensive. I don’t think it is only me who dream about buying expensive things. We all have something costly in our wish list which hasn’t been fulfilled for some reasons. One of the reason is of course, money. Either we don’t have any money or we all are really bad at savings. The reason we are not good at saving money is because we don’t have control over ourselves, at the end of the day we end up spending money on something silly.

Let’s talk about myself, I had this wish of buying iPhone. We all know Apple products are very costly so it was nearly impossible for me to buy it in one go. The only way was to save money. Since I was bad at saving money ,buying iPhone seemed almost impossible for me, until I came to know about the money saving application known as Tortoise. In this post I will be telling you about everything related to Tortoise. benefits of Tortoise app ,how to use Tortoise app, How to become Tortoise member.

What actually is Tortoise app?

Tortoise is a simple money saving app. It helps you to save money for your dream purchases. It is like a guide who constantly guides you for saving money for your dreams. We all know the story about the race of tortoise and rabbit, how tortoise despite being slow one the race. It was because consistency Tortoise was able to achieve its goal . Tortoise app comes with the same moto, consistency . It makes you save a little by little consistently until you achieve your dream purchase. Tortoise app is a saving aid which allows its users to save money day by day month by month until users have enough money to buy something they really need.

Like I have mentioned above, I needed iPhone at any cost. When I came across the Tortoise app I decided to give it a shot and I did ! It made money saving look simple and finally I was able to buy iPhone. Tortoise app kept motivating me until I reached my goal. It also gave me reward for achieving my dream purchase.

How to use Tortoise app

Step1:- Download the official Tortoise app from Playstore.

Step2:- Open the app in your mobile, it will ask your mobile number for registration. Provide your mobile number, check the terms and condition box given below and click on next.

Step3:- Tortoise app will send 4-Digit OTP for your mobile number.

Step4:- Now enter the OTP and click on next.

Step5:- Finally the registration is done and now it will take you to the screen with several plans.

Step6:- Tortoise app is currently providing 4 different options- savings for your next iPhone, savings for your next holidays, Savings for electronic gadgets and finally savings for all Apple products.

Step7:- Choose the plan which is relatable to you and click on next.

Step8:- Set the amount of money you want to save and also set the duration.

Step9:- Click on “start my plan” it will tell you how much you need to save every month.

Step10:- It will ask you to make first deposit. For that it will ask your name, gmail address and bank account details.

Step11:- After you make your first deposit, you are ready to start your journey of saving.

Benefits of Tortoise app

  • Money saving becomes easy.
  • Buy your dream Apple products with ease.
  • Tortoise app is giving 10% off for its first 500 users.
  • When you reach your desired savings it will reward you 5% bonus.
  • Currently it has good offers on Apple products as it is giving 10% reward on buying them.
  • You can cancel your saving your saving plan anytime. 100% cash will be refunded to you.
  • It is safe because payments occur through Razorpay.
  • Your savings will be stored in escrow accounts, so they are surely safe.

How to join Tortoise membership ?

Step1:- To become tortoise member you can visit .

Step2:- There under “My membership” select the membership plan that you want.

Step3:- Enter all the personal details such as contact details, name, address, payment details and etc.

Step4:- when you submit all the required information, wait for some time until they verify your registration details.

Step5:- After verification they will send you email confirming about your membership.

Step6:- The day you receive email is the day you have joined Tortoise Membership

Benefits of being a Tortoise member

  1. All the Tortoise members will be given access to digital content provided by the Tortoise.
  2. Members will get tickets to 10 thinkIns per year.

Should you choose Tortoise app?

Tortoise app comes with great benefits and offers too. If you are clumsy like me for saving money then you should definitely consider using Tortoise app. Especially if you are looking to buy any Apple products then Tortoise is the best. Go download and register in Tortoise app and give it a try.

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