Boys attitude Dr. vishnuvardhan video editing

Dr. vishnuvardhana


Hi everyone welcome to another new blog today we are going to create a Dr.Vishhnuvardhan dailogue mix video editing so follow our steps


First you want to download the presets or Xml file from this site and after import that presets to your Alight motion then first open the book mark project and Add the dailogue pngs neatly with added bookmark and after that add remaining Dr.vishhnuvardhan images


After that come to 14:18 second and add a yellow particles blast effect video and go to blending and opacity option and select lighten option.

then next come again to video starting and add a red particles effect video and go to opacity and visibility option and again select lighten option


and now come to again 14:18 second and add a black color footer png and set that in footer neatly and next add a text png on that footer png and select that two png at a time and extend to end.


After that download the shake effect preset or xml from this site and import to you alight motion application .

now open that shake effect preset and select first text png and go to effect option and click on three dots and select copy effect now go to your current project and select your png which you want add effect go to effects option and click three dots and paste that effect this same process repeat to remaining vishhnuvardhan photos


Now come to you last step After editing all video in alight motion click the Share option which is available in top of the right side and select video resolution and frame rate and click on export option then save your video to your device from alight motion.

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