Best apu for gaming PC build

Amd is designed Apu Because of high price of graphics card so now Amd designed Apu this is the combined version of Cpu and Gpu this is best idea To decrease Graphics card shortage problem. full form of apu is accelerated processing unit.

When considering upgrading your CPU or GPU, things can quickly become overwhelming. There are many products out there, with similar numerical names, and tall marketing claims. Each new release is touted as a vast improvement over the last, even if this isn’t strictly borne out in benchmarking tests.

If your computer previously used just a single CPU and integrated graphics, then you’ll see a noticeable bump in performance. Tasks will be quicker, videos will run smoother, and speeds will generally increase. In the long-term, you’ll also see a reduction in power usage.

Now come to the pc building Problem. the real problem when the gamer’s try to build a new pc in 2021 with new graphics card then the graphics card shortage problem comes So we are suggestint best apu for gaming PC build.

  1. AMD RYZEN 5 3400 5
  2. AMD Athlon 200Ge
  3. AMD Ryzen 3 3200 G
  4. AMD Ryzen 5 2400G
  5. AMD A12 9800

Ryzen 5 3400G is actually the best APU for gaming and video streaming. The processor comes with the power combined with advanced Radeon graphics for excellent gaming performance and productivity solutions. Due to its impressive gaming performance and credibility, the processor absolutely deserves first place.

Conclusion The Apu is the Best way instead of graphics card and the best price so don’t wait for your pc build Just buy the apu and start your gaming Apu are saves your Money and It consumes low current power

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