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Hi everyone welcome to another new Blog today we are going to tell you how to create hard photo shake effect video editing so keep following our steps.


First you want download Presets which I given in this website you are able download Xml or preset which you want and which type your alight motion support that you download.

now first import Book mark project to your alight motion and go to projects option and and open bookmark preset .


First you want to add a background overlay video From starting to 4:06 and and now come aging to starting and add a rashmika fond or what you want that font you able add select that text layer and extend it to 4:06 second.


Now Your left Side part of a video is complete now come to First bookmark And click plus icon select image and video now add a image and again select that image and go to next bookmark and click right side trim option and now you image will be correctly adjusted between to Bookmarks this process repeat For complete video ending.


Now you You come to video starting and click on Plus icon and go to image and video option and select a border and add this. and select that layer and extend that to video end.

and again go to image and video and add a color light light effect video and Select that layer and go to blending and opacity option and select lighten option and click on screen option.


And now you want download shake effect Preset or Xml file Which I given below and import that Project to you alight motion and click on projects option and Select shake effect preset by Mk studio editing and open that preset.

Now Select First image and click on effects option and See three dots on left side of below click on that dots and you are seeing a copy effects option now click on that.


now come to your current video editing project and Go to first book mark and select your Image Which you have added first and go to effects option and click on three dots and now you are seeing paste effects option click on that. now effects will be added to your image and again select next image paste this same effects

But you third image you don’t add that effects Again go back and open shake effect preset by mk studio editing and select second image and copy that’s effect ans paste to your third image now you want repeat this process again and again every third image you want paste this second effect.


Now you project will be completely ready now click on the share icon which is preset in top of the right side in alight motion and then select you need video resolution and Frame rate and click on export option then save your video from alight motion.

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