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Alight motion efx badas video editing effect preset.

Hello Alight motion editors today I edited new Kgf movie based After effect inspired Hard beat sync transition Efx video and also call this video boys attitude video editing so this type more kannada video subscribe our channel


So now creat to this video first visit our website everytime and after coming our website home page scroll down the page because you need to find that video article so find or use search option that is available on top and after finding click on that article thumbnail ans enter to that page.


Now you need to understand first how to download alight motion preset to download effect preset just come to our website and find the article of video editing tutorial which you want and click on that thumbnail and enter to the page and scroll down there you are see buttons of download link just click on that and download to your device


First you are need video editing preset to make this video you click the below seeing preset option to download preset but everytime I given you two type preset but this time Only preset is required so download that Efx video preset and import to your alight motion application


First you need to add a video clip which is I provided below of this video clips on is movie video video clip and another one is Ipl cricket video clip you select that zip file of video clip and easily download that to your device. And after downloading zip file open your Filmaneger and unzip the video clips file.


Now you again come to your alight motion and open your current working project and there you click on plus icon and select imag and video option and now you see more option or file names which is available on your mobile now find the downloads folder and open that after that Select fist movie clip and add to your editing timeline


After adding that video clip Below you see one shape layer that layer have color correction effect so tap side of this video clip and move down clip below of that cc layer now cc effect is added to that clip. now after that video clip now add your logo and expand that to next bookmark and after that now add the rcb Cricket team captain virat kohli videos and make the same process next how you made to movie clip


And now you want to change video means another images video then you just selet the first image and go to color fill option and there you see image name click on that and now your folder opens and select one image and add there image will be easily exchanges

Now you video is completely now just click on share option and select the the video resolution which type you are want and just click on export option and after exporting your video save the video to your device. For this type more alight motion shake effect downloads just subscribe our mk studio editing YouTube channel and learn and edit more trending video thanks reading this blog.

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