Alight motion dboss badas efx video editing Preset

In this video We going to edit Alight motion beat sync Shake effect video editing in this video Special made for Dboss fans because in this video we are used actor darshan video clips and In this Video we are used alight motion application

now simply go down and click the bookmark preset and wait some second and you will be redirects to your alight motion and someone faces some problem like link verification failed and update problem the can first update the alight motion application and then click this link and after that yiu will see a import option click on that now there directly opens editing interface and Also there you will see premade bookmark for make your editing easy

In that alight motion bookmark you preset also you see premaded groups in that groups I already added photo split animation and some shkae effect and color effect you don’t make any changes in that group you directly move to your next bookmark and there you see front bookmark bookmarks are all same so that’s mean now your work is very simple that is read next step.

After that the group you come to next bookmark and click on plus icon and select image and video option and go to downloads And select ganesh image and click plus icon and add that image to your timeline and jump to next red color bookmark and select that image layer and cut right side extra remaining part of image and now this type add all remaining photos neatly to bookmark.

And before that group of animation you need to add a motion video clip of Lord ganapati so you come starting of timeline and click on plus icon and select image and video option and now select the folder where you saved the video. and add that video to your timeline and go to next bookmark and cut down right side extra remaining part of that video

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