Alight motion beat sync shake effect video editing

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Hi everyone welcome to another blog and today we going to create a new trending Pulse beat shake effect video so keep following our steps to create a video.



first open you alight motion and click plus icon and select 4:5Ratio and click on create project then you comes editing First you add a music and make bookmarks neatly to that music beat wise or download a bookmark project package given below.


Now you add overlay which I given from starting to 15:11second then cut the remaining part and add photo and cut to next bookmark and next add another image repeat this process to remaining bookmarks and add all images to complete video.


Now stay again there and add a black color a footer png and set that on footer neatly and again click on plus icon and add a text png which I given and set that below neatly and now select that two layers and extend that two layer 15:11second to Video end.


Now come to the your current project starting and click on plus icon and select a text png which I given and click plus and add that png and neatly set that png center of the overlay and extend that overlay to 15:11second.


Now you Download the Shake effect preset from this site and import that to your alight motion and and now open that shake effect project and select first image click on effects option and select copy effects Then go to your current project which you have making and select a first image and and click on effects option and click on paste option now your effects will be added to your image.


Now again open shake effect preset and and select the second image and copy the effects from that image and come to your project and and paste that effect to small image that have small bookmark.

go to another time your preset and select last image and copy effects from that image and go to your current working project and paste that effects to remaining all image.


Now you project will be completely ready now click on the share icon which is preset in top of the right side in alight motion and then select you need video resolution and Frame rate and click on export option then save your video from alight motion.

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