about smartphone

History of smartphone

Improved hardware and faster wireless communication have bolstered the growth of the smartphone industry.in the third quarter of 2012,one billion smartphones were in use worldwide.A smartphone is a mobile phone that can also be used as a computer.they work as a computer but are mobile devices are small enough to fit in user’s hand.

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Types of smartphones

  • iPhone
  • One plus
  • Galaxy s
  • Windows phone
  • Galaxy note
  • Redmi
  • Oppo
  • Realme
  • Samsung
  • Vivo
  • Apple

Uses of smartphone

  • Barcode scanning.
  • Video chat.
  • Registering contect.
  • Sending and receiving emails,text,photograph and multimedia messages.
  • Calculator,currency conversions,alarm,etc.functions.
  • Playing games.
  • Browsing the internet using a mobile browser.

First smartphone

The tech company ‘IBM’ is widely credited with developing the world’s first smartphone – bulky but rather cutesy named simon.It went sale in 1994 and featured a touchscreen,email capability and a handful of built-in apps,including a calculator and a sketch pad.

The development of metal-oxide-semiconductor large-scale intergation technology,information theory and cellular networking led to the devolepmenent of offordable mobile.

Smartphones keep evolving.the trends that were comman in 2021arelikely to transfer into new year 2022 with tweaks. smartphones have seen technologies folling display and 144Hz refresh rate introduced among the premium flagship smartphones.other innovation like 120Hz and 90Hz refresh rate display made it to midsegment devices. Triple camera remained a comman tred in 2021 and is likely to move into 2022.assisting technologies like 5g will make noise in new year 2022 as well even though it’s actual arrival isn’t sure to anyone.

The display of smartphones come into different resolutions, from the very basic 60Hz refresh rate to the highest available 144Hz. Launch in 2022.

The nice technology will see a few launches in 2022 the foldable phones may get the eyeballs but sales figure will remain as there is still very little traction for it due to its pricing.

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