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Scribbl is a graphics and design tool by axndx. As in the name, this multimedia app allows you to scribble animations and effects. These illustrations can be layered over videos and photos. The application has a bank of animations you can choose from. You can either add it directly to any visual media or customize it first. You can change its color, size, and position before applying it to the imagery. Although Scribbl has a large stack of animations, it may not be able to convey what you feel. You can opt to draw the animation with various doodles and scribbles. With Scribbl, you get full control of your creation. 

Scribble is an animation maker that allows you to draw illustrations, graphics and other animations over your images and videos. This is good if you prefer the scribbled animation effect. Your scribbles will be saved by the app so you can apply it to your future visual images. You can customize your doodles by selecting different brush sizes, strokes and effects.

It can be a simple flat color or a vibrant glow, it is up to you. When creating an animated visual image, you can use a wide variety of tools in the app. It has an animation effect that gives you control of what kind of appeal you want your creation to have. Once you have layered your illustrations over your photos or videos, you can export it in full high-definition.

The HD quality will not only make your photos appear clear but the animations look vibrant. From the app, you can share your work on your social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Scribbl is a noteworthy tool for those that like their posts to appear endearing yet fun. You will be hard-pressed to run out of ideas as this app offers many tools for creating visually appealing conten

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