3 secret way to Earn money in telegram -how to earn from telegram channel

Currently more people using Telegram for only downloading the movies they join some illegal channel and downloads the movies. But downloading movies in telegram and uploading movie’s in telegram is illegal.and today we see how to earn from telegram channel.

Can telegram pays for your channel.

Some people don’t know about this rumors telegram not pays for any channel they not have any monetization program. But there is have different ways and formalities for make money from telegram. we discuss about that ways in below but telegram not pays for any channel

How to earn money from telegram channel

Now everyone knows telegram not pays officially for any channel but you can able to make money using telegram but you need big size audience for better earnings.

Earn in telegram using Refer and earn application

telegram not pays you directly but you create a public telegram first choose any niche and work 1-2 month share your telegram link all social media and build a huge amount subscribers base. then you already know some trading application pays highest for every successful refer find out that application. we suggested some best applications is Upstox, grow, angel broking these all pays best refer bonus. you share your referal link in telegram and after evry successful refer you can earn money.


How link tree works and it’s benefit

Earn in telegram from sponsorship or advertising.

Telegram can gives you many earning opportunity you need to use that neatly here is another way to make money. If you build a huge size audience in telegram channel Or group then you add any contact details in your channel description because some business competition, startup, application developers and Astrologiessts are finds this type telegram channel for promote their products so they can contact you then you can set up the budget and promote their products and earn money.

Some time some fake application promotors contact you and they give you best amount but do not promote that type application because once your audience lose hope on your telegram channel then some people leaves your channel and some people not clicks on your shared link then your channel will be goes down.

Earn in telegram using Amazon, Flipcart, meesho and ajio.

Afflicte marketing is biggest money making way for now of you have best subscribers base in telegram channel then you can go to Amazon, flipcart Or meesho sites and apply for aflicate program. After approving your request then you can go to aflicate dashboard and search best products for selling.

If you don’t know how to search search best products then use this ahrefs tool for keyword research it will show you which product is currently more searching by people and how much competition is on that product. then you can choose product and create your aflicate link and share on your telegram after buying anyone from this link you will get some commission.

How to get more subscribers in telegram channel.

Telegram not works like a social media so you can’t get audience from your any suggestion then you need to make audience from sharing your link or people needs to come from searching your channel. so you use your YouTube channel if you have a YouTube channel then share your link in description or you share your link in Instagram and any other social media and get audience from there and build huge audience.


There is also many other ways to earn money from Telegram channel there is some legal and there is some illegal but you cannot use illegal with because once you find in illegal case then you needs to go jail so make organic work and do best earning form telegram channel.

If you want to know how to earn from Telegram from using Afflicte marketing or any social media marketing you can go through YouTube and you see some tutorials about that and take a deep knowledge about earning and after that start your and get URL from Telegram channel

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